Why is Tile Flooring Today’s Emerging Trends?

Natural stone has been a popular flooring material for centuries. Why is it so? Because of the durability, stiffness and hard-wearing nature. Stone tile flooring has become today’s emerging trend. It brings the essence of nature to the project, which is not possible with manufactured stone. Moreover, the beautiful colors available in tiles give a warmth to the surface.

Install in halls, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. The variety of tile flooring stone types make it best suitable for laying outdoor floor as well. Slate, limestone, and sandstone are most common among them.
Each stone type has its unique characteristics. Slate tile flooring is inherently durable. This feature makes it cracks-resistant. Sandstone floor tiles are often providing a classic and rustic look. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, it is the best choice. Limestone contains rich mineral components, making floor tiles highly durable.
Natural stone offers many reasons that make it top trending and everlasting. Below given points justify this statement:

Tiles Accents Indoor Only – The Myth:

In the earliest age, we all use to listen that tiles meant for indoor use only. For most of the people, tiles are perfect for laying kitchen, foyer or bathroom floor. But it’s not exactly the case. The physical, chemical and visual features of natural stone prove this fact wrong.

Besides interior decor, stone tiles are equally valuable in creating outdoor design ideas. What does an outdoor covering material require? Stiffness, longevity, fascinating appeal and resistance to slipping. All these properties are clinically tested in most of the SUI’s colors.

Absorption Rate:

The absorption rate refers to the measurement of the porosity of stone types. Some stones like travertine are highly porous. Whereas, sandstone is a non-porous rock. The higher the rate, more likely it’s going to stain or crack.
A material with a higher absorption rating, not suitable for paving outdoor surfaces. But a product with a low absorption rate is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor areas. SUInatural stone color available in flooring tiles have a low absorption rate. Thus, suitable for floor installation.


Natural stone tiles are popularly known for their versatile nature. The most beautiful range of colors available in Northern California is merely seamless. One can get light to bright colors as per the choice. Are you planning for an outdoor swimming pool? California Gold is the most suited color. The soft and dark brownish, tan, beige tones make it overwhelming.
Moving next towards the finishes and textures, one can get great choices. Honed, tumbled, non-tumbled, flamed, etc. are the popular ones. You can also customize the finishes according to the particular need.

A Durable Product:

Laying a floor is not an everyday task. It requires time, energy and money as well. Thus, flooring choice for interior and exterior is most crucial. But, you don’t need to worry, until the natural stone flooring product is there. It justifies the various tests of durability.
The most popular is a compressive strength, bending rate, flexural strength, stone density. Thus, the report is the evidence of its high durability.

Luxurious Look:

If you get a product that is affordable and gives a luxurious look. How amazing it would be. Yes! Stone tile is the one. Royal emperors use tiles to decorate their castle. These are available in square dimension. But one can also apply it in a diagonal shape to give a unique look.
The above-given facts give a clear statement about the extensive use of stone flooring tiles. Thus, opt for this product today. Develop eye-catching kitchen or patio flooring ideas.


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