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Why is Tile Flooring Today’s Emerging Trends?

Natural stone has been a popular flooring material for centuries. Why is it so? Because of the durability, stiffness and hard-wearing nature. Stone tile flooring has become today’s emerging trend. It brings the essence of nature to the project, which is not possible with manufactured stone. Moreover, the beautiful colors available in tiles give a warmth to the surface.
Install in halls, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. The variety of tile flooring stone types make it best suitable for laying outdoor floor as well. Slate, limestone, and sandstone are most common among them. Each stone type has its unique characteristics. Slate tile flooring is inherently durable. This feature makes it cracks-resistant. Sandstone floor tiles are often providing a classic and rustic look. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, it is the best choice. Limestone contains rich mineral components, making floor tiles highly durable. Natural stone offers many reasons that make it top trending an…

Exclusive for First Time Remodelers: How to Choose Natural Building Stone?

Are you looking for new construction or home remodeling? It seems it's a tedious task. But Stone Universe Inc makes it simple for you. SUI established its distribution center in Bellflower, Southern California. Building with quarried stone gives a natural essence.
Certain doubts come to one’s mind while revamping the entire project or some part of it. Especially, if you are a first-time remodeler. How much will the stone cost? What would be the installation cost? Which material suits the best? And so on..!
Whatever be the situation, the following tips will be going to help. Here are some of the home remodeling ideas to get started. With the right guidance of our dealers, you’re your renovating process less stressful.

Pre- Plan the Budget:
The first thing while revamping the place is to set a budget. Plan budget criteria and step further. Decide about the area which needs a makeover. Is a bathroom, kitchen, room or landscaping?
Well, if it’s about the interior area, flooring and stone…