3 Useful Tips Keep in Mind While Choosing Building Stone

Are you all set for a construction project? Well, Wait! Do you have a stable, stiff and strong building stone? The first and foremost step before moving to the revamping project ahead is the choice of material. The product and quality you choose say a lot about your personality. So be wise and pick the best. Here are the three professional tips one must consider:-
1.Quality Matters: You might have heard the most common phrase“Quality speaks itself”. It’s true. The material you choose from indoor as well as outdoor construction must be of high quality. After all, it’s about home revamping and it’s not a daily task. It involves a huge time and money. When it comes to quality, no one can beat a natural stone. Laboratory testing of stones is the biggest proof of its durability.
Testing is the initial step to know about stone quality. Later on, its physical features become the trademark of a good quality product. Long-lasting beauty and non-obsolete nature of real stone force people to …

Do You Know: 5 Professional Pros for Tile Flooring?

The virtues of natural flooring tile for indoor areas are well known. But do you know, these are valuable for outdoor accent ? Get amazed ! But it’s true. The SUI’s flooring tile collection is beneficial for both indoor & outdoor areas.
Well, it’s a startup. There are a lot more hidden pros to come.It’s physical as well as chemical composition makes it an ideal material for living surfaces. Stone tiling is simple to install and easy to maintain.

It can handle the load of furniture necessary to set up a living area. There is no chance of spills, breakage, and cracks in it. Several finishes, texture, and colors attract the designers and architects. Unlike manufactured stone, the color of natural stone will not be going to fade due to sunlight or rain.
Let’s have a brief discussion on the pros of tile flooring given by professionals:
(1) Cost-effective:
Most of us start the home improvement project considering the budget factor in mind. Since floor covering is the last step that gives …

6 Stone Wall Ideas For Home Interior

Thinking for home improvement? Consider interior renovation first. Home interior is the area where one has to spend almost half of the day. It is the area which can create an attractive appeal among the guest.
So, beautify it with natural stone. The wall serves as the point of attraction. There are several ways one can adopt to enrich the indoor area. Installing a stone wall is one of the best ideas of all.
Living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall were the areas covering interior space. Give a lift to the home decor with following stone wall ideas:
1. Slate Stone Wall:
Who is not aware of the physical features of the slate stone type? The natural rock extracts from the earth’s crust carry rich minerals. Thus, best suitable for cladding applications.
Slate wall cladding comes in several rich brown shades. It gives a rustic appeal to the surroundings. California gold and multicolor, available in Stone Universe Inc Washington are the finest hues available in the slate base. These ever-suiting c…

Why is Tile Flooring Today’s Emerging Trends?

Natural stone has been a popular flooring material for centuries. Why is it so? Because of the durability, stiffness and hard-wearing nature. Stone tile flooring has become today’s emerging trend. It brings the essence of nature to the project, which is not possible with manufactured stone. Moreover, the beautiful colors available in tiles give a warmth to the surface.
Install in halls, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. The variety of tile flooring stone types make it best suitable for laying outdoor floor as well. Slate, limestone, and sandstone are most common among them. Each stone type has its unique characteristics. Slate tile flooring is inherently durable. This feature makes it cracks-resistant. Sandstone floor tiles are often providing a classic and rustic look. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, it is the best choice. Limestone contains rich mineral components, making floor tiles highly durable. Natural stone offers many reasons that make it top trending an…

Exclusive for First Time Remodelers: How to Choose Natural Building Stone?

Are you looking for new construction or home remodeling? It seems it's a tedious task. But Stone Universe Inc makes it simple for you. SUI established its distribution center in Bellflower, Southern California. Building with quarried stone gives a natural essence.
Certain doubts come to one’s mind while revamping the entire project or some part of it. Especially, if you are a first-time remodeler. How much will the stone cost? What would be the installation cost? Which material suits the best? And so on..!
Whatever be the situation, the following tips will be going to help. Here are some of the home remodeling ideas to get started. With the right guidance of our dealers, you’re your renovating process less stressful.

Pre- Plan the Budget:
The first thing while revamping the place is to set a budget. Plan budget criteria and step further. Decide about the area which needs a makeover. Is a bathroom, kitchen, room or landscaping?
Well, if it’s about the interior area, flooring and stone…

Utilize the Exterior Surrounding with Backyard Landscaping

The backyard has been an important component of landscaping architecture for centuries. In fact, to most of the people, it is one of the best ways to utilize the vacant outdoor space. It is the space available at the back side of the house.
It’s your place of entertainment and has full right to develop creative backyard landscaping ideas in the way you want. Living all the time in the rooms or hall, make a person dull and detaches from the environment. For a healthy life, one need to have fresh air outlast 30 minutes in a day. What would be better than a fascinating yard landscape? The place where one can relax, entertain, forget all the worries and become closer to nature. In simple words, the yard is nothing but an outdoor room having a perfect blend of comfort and cheeriness. Choosing to design outdoor landscaping with natural stone gives birth to the most critical place in your entire construction project. It provides both timeless beauty and functionality in the area. One can buil…

All About Limestone Flooring In Texas

Flooring plays the most considerable and decisive part in every project either it’s residential or commercial. Everyone wants to beautify the place where they are living or working. Thus, indoor, as well as outdoorflooring, plays a vital role.
Imagine you get such a floor material which demands a one-time investment. Isn’t it great?If you want to enjoy such benefit, then go for limestone tile flooring without any dilemma. Now effortlessly gives seamless appeal to the surroundings by installing limestone floors. 
Before taking any decision, let’s know more about this flooring type:
About Limestone & Its Formation
With a smooth start, limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of different crystal containing calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Calcium carbonate is present in the rock in the form of calcite or aragonite.
It forms from the remains of micro-skeletons and shells in the warm, bright, shallow marine water between 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude. Mainly founds in …