All About Limestone Flooring In Texas

Flooring plays the most considerable and decisive part in every project either it’s residential or commercial. Everyone wants to beautify the place where they are living or working. Thus, indoor, as well as outdoorflooring, plays a vital role.

Imagine you get such a floor material which demands a one-time investment. Isn’t it great?  If you want to enjoy such benefit, then go for limestone tile flooring without any dilemma.
Now effortlessly gives seamless appeal to the surroundings by installing limestone floors. 

Before taking any decision, let’s know more about this flooring type:

About Limestone & Its Formation

With a smooth start, limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of different crystal containing calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Calcium carbonate is present in the rock in the form of calcite or aragonite.

It forms from the remains of micro-skeletons and shells in the warm, bright, shallow marine water between 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude. Mainly founds in the area underlain by sedimentaryrock.

Thus, the final rock extract from the quarries depicts the most beautiful fossil detail on the stone. SUI being landscaping suppliers in Texas present a wide range of products with a limestone base.

Quarries & Processing

Most of the limestone quarries are there in India’s southeastern coast and northern Indian. Typically, this sedimentary rock can be found virtually anywhere where an ancient sea existed. France, Vietnam, Sweden, America, and Yorkshire are the homes to limestone quarries.  

Extraction operations include drilling and blasting inside the large quarry block. A particular curve shape fragmentation's are designed to achieve the final product. Once the block converted into the small pieces of rock, the process of loading and transported to the grinding plant starts.

Limestone Flooring – The Best Among All

This sedimentary rock is versatile as well as functional. It proves perfect building material for the interior and exterior surfaces for ages and suitable for both commercial and residential areas.

It is the oldest flooring material and provides timeless beauty and sturdiness to the place. People adopt it to accent pool surroundings with bullnose, stairways with treads, patios with pavers, walkways with flagstone, sidewalks, pathways, yards, kitchens with ledge stone, bathroom, and many others.

Live Examples:

If you look back at the history, many ancient monuments and buildings still look graceful because of limestone application.

    Limestone was famous in Europe to construct cathedrals and churches.
    Washington National Cathedral created approximately 83 years ago
    The Palace of Westminster is made of limestone.

Features of Limestone Floor Type:-

Limestone paver flooring is becoming popular among the homeowners, architectures, business persons, landscapers, contractors and designers. Its features like elegant look, gritty touch, crystalline sparkle, stylish appearance along with longevity, stain resistant, weather resistant, low-maintenance make it a first choice of the people. Moreover, limestone flooring in the kitchen provides slip-resistant features.

Some of its highlighting features are as follows:-

·         Durability:- It is hard, firm and dense rocks which enable to stand up well to absorption, pressure, and freeze-thaw. It can easily resist the weather conditions. Thus, it ultimately gives the proof of its durability. These stones have high compressive strength measured in (psi) units.

·         Shades:-  Many people are of the view that limestone comes in a sandy or cream colors. But its tones depend upon the elements which combine with the calcium carbonate in the rock.

As it extracts from the mother nature, it shows different variation in its hues. Each color is attractive and has a unique look. SUI in Texas offers Antique Black, Antique Blue, Antique Yellow, French Vanilla, Indian Bluestone, Indigo Blue, Lime Black with a limestone base.

·         Add Value to Property:- Application of limestone surface covering to the construction project enhances its overall projection. Thus, it ultimately adds value to the property. Want to resale the property? Go for this type of flooring to enjoy high returns.

·         Timeless Beauty:- It gives an antique look along with style to your project. Limestone kitchen counters are magnificent. Whereas, floor paving with a stone type of limestone amazes the onlookers.

Cleaning Tip:
To clean the natural stone floor, all you need is a good quality sealer to protect them from staining. Avoid acidic cleaners on it and try to sweep or vacuum it.

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