6 Stone Wall Ideas For Home Interior

Thinking for home improvement? Consider interior renovation first. Home interior is the area where one has to spend almost half of the day. It is the area which can create an attractive appeal among the guest.

So, beautify it with natural stone. The wall serves as the point of attraction. There are several ways one can adopt to enrich the indoor area. Installing a stone wall is one of the best ideas of all.

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall were the areas covering interior space. Give a lift to the home decor with following stone wall ideas:

1. Slate Stone Wall:

Who is not aware of the physical features of the slate stone type? The natural rock extracts from the earth’s crust carry rich minerals. Thus, best suitable for cladding applications.

Slate wall cladding comes in several rich brown shades. It gives a rustic appeal to the surroundings. California gold and multicolor, available in Stone Universe Inc Washington are the finest hues available in the slate base. These ever-suiting color complement the living room.

2. Stacked Stone Fireplace:

A fire feature serves as a central piece of attraction in the hall area. Despite, it is also a graceful element in the room. Unlike faux stone, stone fireplace gives a trademark of strength. The ledge stone fireplace is the best affordable way to make fire mantel attractive.

3. Wall Stone on the Borders:

Want something unique for indoor sidings? Contrasting color natural wall stone gives a dignified look. If you have a single color wall in the room, try something different in the foyer. Mix and match of light dark veneer stone colors impart a nice projection to the foyer.

4. Interlocking panels and corners:

The natural ledge stone comes in panels and corners. Both of these get interlocked with other each depicting a single stone. The z shape layout looks seamless on the cladding. The stone will neither fade nor get cracks in it.

5. Backsplash stone:

Either its kitchen or a bathroom, quality material for the backsplash is vital. Natural stone has the qualities of water absorption and moisture-resistant. Thus, the real stone can soak water that splashes on the wall. Thin veneer or ledge panel is best suitable for cooking and bath area.

6. Limestone Cladding:

Limestone being a sedimentary rock is an ideal material for siding and cladding. The presence of certain minerals and calcium carbonates makes it hard-wearing. Moreover, limestone veneer is available in a wide range. It gives an overwhelming touch to the indoor surroundings.

At last, all the above are the top-trending stone wall ideas that one can adopt. Before choosing a stone, consider its color, texture, finish that suits the surroundings. For example dark color stone suits well in the hall area. Whereas, soft color enriches the grace of living room wall. Decorate the wall with pictures or lighting for a dignified look.


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