Must Try: 5 Natural Stone Components for Making Entryway Attractive

What is an entryway?

The entryway is the simple term in the words of laymen. Hardly there is anyone who was not aware of this term. Still, for a smooth start, it is right to say that it is a way that leads to the entrance of the house, complexes, malls, apartment or any other sector. In simpler words, it serves as a point of attraction for the entire landscape.

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Most of the time people put stress on the interior decor and comes to the exterior designing at the last point. Each corner of the place has its appeal. So is the case with the main entrance. From facade to flooring, everything must be perfect, only then main entrance will look attractive. It can happen with nature’s stone applications. It brings the natural essence and beauty to the place.

Today, people want best exterior designs and materials. So, they visit the best landscaping yard to get better guidance and product, and Stone Universe is one among them.

Here are five components that will surely make your entrance adorable:

1.       Ancient Looking Pillars or Columns:

Pillars or columns instantly grab the attention of the viewers. Since ancient times, it has been the pride of royal palaces and is still having the same importance. It can be small or large, round or vertical depending upon the location. Massive pillars suit best on the sides of the main gate, whereas small or medium size is suitable for the sides of entry stairways.

Column Cap-stone universe inc usa

But these columns will not stand the test of time until they get protection from the rain, wind and other climatic conditions. So, natural stone column caps are perfect for that purpose. Caps give a protective shield along with an ancient appeal to the freestanding pillars. One can also place decorative lamps that glow in the evening.

2.      A Tranquil Driveway

Driveways play a significant role in the process of exterior decor so its choice should also be unique. A material, i.e., anti-slippery, hard, dense, stiff and attractive at the same time can only make a smooth going driveway. What would be better than a stone entryway floor? So, natural stone pavers and cobbles/ setts are options here. Both these products quarried naturally, and you all know that nature’s beauty can never fail.

Moreover, by choosing natural material for the drive path, one gets color options like antique brown (tumbled), gold (tumbled), grey and even much more are there in the row. Single color stone driveway idea with contrasting color border is also emerging nowadays. So, overcome the myth that says only dull colors are suitable for driving surfaces as it is going to expose regularly by the marks of tires.

    3.   Boundary Wall Outlining:

Boundary wall or side wall is also helpful in making the overall entrance attractive. It starts right from the giant main gate and ends up to the front door, providing an outline to the driveway area. These are nothing but a masonry wall. 

To make it fascinating natural ledge stone will prove advantageous. Furthermore, wall cap is of the more significant use for giving the finishing touch to the side wall.

    4.   Dramatic Staircase:

Rock look steps in front of the door. Imagine! How spectacular and unique it will look. Go for something different rather than opting regular staircase ideas. Front steps are the central point of a place. It should be fascinating and safe as well.

steps-staircase-stone univere inc.-usa-austin-texas-maryland

 Natural stone steps with rock face edges are there with a wide array of a color collection, which provides ancient appeal. One can also opt for stone treads on the stairs to make an entryway fascinating.

    5.   Eye-catching Facade Design:

Last but not the least is the facade designing. The entrance seems to be incomplete with a better facade design idea. Facade is the front most of the place. Visitors most of the time makes a judgment about the area by front-facing decor.

thin veneer-stone univere inc.-usa-austin-texas-maryland

 So it’s vital to develop its outlook wisely. But you don’t need to worry till natural thin veneer is there. It comes in square, rectangular, ledge or irregular shapes and is a perfect solution for making the facade look attractive.

Looking for some change to the main entrance or want to construct a new one! Develop various stone entryway ideas with all these components and make your entry captivating. Choose natural stone products without any doubt as it will prove worthwhile for you.

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